We believe that enjoyable and responsible diving needs two elements to work together:

Safety, Professionalism and Respect: We believe that, while diving involves risks, these can be mitigated by a professional approach which ensures that good diving practices are adhered to at all times. This involves you, the divers, as well as us.

For our part, our team all have the necessary qualifications and experience to do their jobs in a way which minimises risks and ensures safety. By way of example, our boat captain, Wak, has many years experience piloting boats around Tioman. He understands the conditions – both above and below the water – in different weathers, and if he says certain dive sites are out of bounds, then they are out of bounds – no matter that someone wants to dive there, no matter what conditions look like from the dive centre.

As far as our divers go, we expect all divers to observe safe diving practices, and respect the environment they are entering. If we see these guidelines being ignored, we will refuse to take people on further dives. The marine environment is one for everyone, and many sites contain fragile species. Inattention, carelessness – or sheer arrogance – can cause great damage. We are visitors, not owners.


Fun, Friendliness, Informallity: This said, diving is about fun at the end of the day. To help in this, we try to keep group sizes small. Students are trained in groups of no more than four or five open water divers, and certified diver groups are kept to around six, where possible. Of course this has to be flexible, and occasionaly groups will be a little larger. But rest assured – you will never feel as though you are in the middle of a factory! Smaller group size also enhances safety – you get the attention you need.

We maintain a friendly, informal atmosphere in the dive centre, and encourage people to stay as long as they want. Coffee, tea and water are all available on tap at no cost for divers, and we have seating areas for people to sit, chat, fill in log books, identify those elusive critters (what was that little green and white thing with the feather on top….?) and exchange experiences. This can be a good learning experience, too.

We will give you information to try to help you make arrangements for transport and accommodation. We want you to feel as though you are on holiday – after all, you are!