Tioman Dive Sites

Tioman Island, off Malaysia’s East Coast, sits on the edge of the Coral Triangle, and as such, has extensive coral reefs teeming with a wide variety of tropical fish both large and small. Dive sites here in Tioman also include over a dozen wrecks, mostly scuttled wooden hulled fishing trawlers, and one larger, 31m long, ex navy and marine police patrol vessel, which was sunk in early 2012.

The shallow, calm waters of dive sites near Tioman, such as Soyak Island, Pirate Reef and Renggis Island, are ideal for training and less experienced divers, as well as photography. A little further afield, sites such as Chebeh, Labas and Tiger Reef provide deeper waters, sometimes with challenging currents, plus the chance to see larger species, as well as incredible macro life.