Starting to book your trip to Tioman can seem daunting, however with these hints and tips, you should find it easy to book and plan your trip to dive in our beautiful Tioman Island.


The basics… We are located in Tekek Village, so this is the jetty where you should get off the ferry, when arriving in Tioman (there are sometimes 3, 4 or 5 stops! here in Tioman Island, so just listen out for the ferry staff to be calling out ‘TEKEK! TEKEK!’ ). We recommend you to book your accommodation here in Tekek Village, as it is not so easy to travel between villages. The only road on the island runs between JUARA Village and TEKEK Village.

We are located within The Swiss Cottage Resort, which is at the southern end of Tekek Beach. When you get off the ferry, you can take a taxi (3 mins), or turn right, and walk down the road for around 15 minutes… you will find us on the right hand side of the road, just before you go over the hill towards The Berjaya Resort.

Please Note: there is only 1 ATM in Tioman, which is located about 50 metres up the road from the ferry terminal in Tekek Village… if you need to get cash for your trip. We do not accept cards, so cash is best (in MYR). We would recommend that you bring enough cash for your trip, as with only 1 ATM, it can occasionally become empty. You can also pay in foreign currency (any major currency) with a 3% extra charge, based on the daily rate on . If you do not want to pay in cash we ask that you pay in advance, either via a direct bank transfer, or through PayPal (with a 5% extra charge).


How to make your booking… Divers often ask us “What is the booking procedure with TDC?”

The answer is… we take all our bookings via email. You can email us at or use the ‘Contact Us’ page. Please give us as much information about your trip as possible.

We do not have set start dates for our courses, it is just based on a first come first serve basis. We can easily become fully booked over holiday weekends, and during school holidays (the Easter and European Summer Holidays – July and August are our busiest months). We therefore recommend that you book as far in advance as possible, to ensure we have availability.


  • Firstly, we would recommend that you contact us to check availability and make a ‘preliminary booking’. Upon confirmation of availability, we will keep this booking for you, for 1 week, to give you enough time to book your accommodation and transport to the island.


  • After this, we would recommend that you check out the transport options to Tioman from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. You will need to take a bus or taxi, to the ferry terminal (Tanjung Gemok or Mersing), and then take a ferry over to Tioman. We would highly recommend using the website for your bus tickets, and our recommendation is that you travel to Tanjung Gemok as there are 3 ferry companies running from here to Tioman. For more info, check out our ‘How To Get To Tioman’ page here

Approximate Journey Durations;

KL – Tanjung Gemok (TG) = 5.5 hrs

KL – Mersing = 6 hrs

SING – Tanjung Gemok (TG) = 4.5hrs

SING – Mersing = 4hrs

Tanjung Gemok – Tekek = 2hrs

Mersing – Tekek = 2hrs

We would recommend that you to try to arrive the day before starting any diving, and depart the day after you finish, however depending on the ferry times, it may be possible to start or finish on your arrival/departure dates. The more time you are able to spend on the island, the better !


  • Next up, you need to check on your accommodation availability… You can find our recommendations for accommodation in Tekek Village here. All of these options are within walking distance of TDC. The most popular are Swiss Cottage, Cheers Chalets and Tioman Cabana, so get your booking in early!!


  • Finally, send us an email with details of your transport and accommodation plans, and we can confirm with you that your diving or dive course will be possible with these plans… when you receive our positive reply, you can then go ahead and book your transport and accommodation… just let us know when your trip is finalised and we will send you a CONFIRMATION email!

We try to reply to all emails within the working day, however due to internet connectivity problems, sometimes it can take a little longer… if using the Contact Us page, please ensure that your email address is correctly entered.


We hope that this will guide you through the booking process and we look forward to hearing from you soon and welcoming you to Tioman Island!!


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