Tioman is blessed with a beautiful long season, compared to the islands north of us on the Malaysian Peninsula. We are open from early February until mid November each year, as from mid-November through to early February, Tioman sees its monsoon season.

The absolute best time for diving during the year is March – June, where we see visibility of up to 30m, however the weather and conditions are good for diving all year round.

You can find satellite imagery here

The weather forecast in Tioman normally mentions Scattered or Isolated Thunderstorms, however being in the tropics, this is a standard weather forecast, and we more often than not see beautiful, long sunny days, with temperatures or around of 28 – 34C.

Please note that most days, the forecast will show rain, which in the tropics is always possible, but 90% of the time, we will see dry weather in Tioman. Therefore, it is best to look at the whole picture; the wind, waves, and weather.

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