Reef Check is a worldwide Non-Profit Organisation that was set up to engage with the local community, to raise awareness of the importance of, and threats to Coral Reefs.

The Malaysian arm of the organisation is run by Mr Julian Hyde, who previously owned and operated Tioman Dive Centre. Since Julian left Tioman Dive Centre, we have maintained an effort in environmental awareness and bring elements into all our teaching and diving.

There are various elements to Reef Check’s work, here in Tioman Island;


  • Completing yearly surveys of the reefs surrounding Tioman Island (along with other locations around Malaysia). Reef Check monitor a number of reefs around Tioman and by completing these yearly surveys along specific transects, we are able to see the changing patterns of the reef system in Tioman. This enables us to monitor reef health, and so in turn create protocols to protect the reefs using protection methods on a local level.

Find out more about Reef Check Malaysia here.


  • Cintai Tioman. The community project, Cintai Tioman, is a Reef Check initiative, headed by Mr Alvin and Mrs Sue who are based on the island, in Tekek Village. This initiative aims to increase the ecological and social resilience of the Island of Tioman, with work on coral reef rehabilitation and community-based projects. Cintai Tioman aims to help reduce the impact of human activities on coral reefs around Tioman Island, and also empower the local communities to get involved in the management and conservation of the island’s resources.

Find out more about Cintai Tioman here.