As you would expect of any professional dive centre, we are fully kitted up!

The Original TDC Premises at Tekek Village; Tioman Dive Centre has been based at The Swiss Cottage Resort since 2005 and has gone from strength to strength. In the last few years, we have vamped up the outdoor ‘wet’ area, and with many small improvements as we go along, we hope that you will find our dive centre to be smart, efficient and friendly.

Swiss Cottage is one of the first chalet operators in Tioman and it is located at the southern end of Tekek beach, a beautiful, quiet spot with a superb length of empty beach.

Designed to our specifications, the dive centre has everything you need from a small and friendly dive centre. Both outdoor and indoor equipment storage areas, tea and coffee on tap, and a fridge for cold drinks. At the back, there is a deck overlooking the beach – perfect for a relaxing drink as the sun goes down on a hard days diving!

We try to maintain a relaxed, informal atmosphere in our dive centre, and encourage people to sit and join us in discussing the diving. We have plenty of fish books, and experienced divers around to help identify those critters, or provide hints on improving your dive skills.

For our student divers, we have a classroom where we complete all of our theory sessions on a large screen TV, away from the noise of the dive centre. Here, you will complete your theory sessions, before coming back to the dive centre to head into the water.

We often buy new equipment, due to general wear and tear from daily use. We mostly stock the MARES brand of dive equipment which have proven over time to be very reliable and student friendly.

We have full sets in varying sizes including BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask & snorkel, and fins. Weights and weight belt are included in the price. We have 75 aluminium tanks with current hydrostatic test dates, including some smaller sizes for ladies and children. All our equipment is well maintained and regularly serviced.

We have 2 of our own compressors, with which we are very careful. Filters are changed regularly to ensure you get clean air, and the compressors are serviced regularly

We have two speed boats that we use daily for diving. Both are 32ft fibre glass hull speedboats with 200HP engines. Our first boat is named ‘Asmara’, or ‘Romance’ in Malay. Asmara is equipped with tank holders and plenty of space, she is licensed for 12 passengers and is a smooth and speedy ride to sites that are further away or for larger groups.

Our second speed boat is Bayi Tulai, which means ‘The Tulai Baby’ in Malay. We bought her at the beginning to 2014, and with a brand new 200HP engine on her back, she goes like a dream. Bayi Tulai is also licensed to carry 12 passengers and with built in tank holders, there is plenty of space for those double dive trips out to Coral Island (Tulai Island).