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Dive Sites


The nearby dive sites are all easily reached within 10 - 15 minutes. They include a number of sites off Tioman itself, and others which are closer to the small islands near Tioman. Usually these are single tank dives, with a surface interval spent back in the dive shop.

Around Tioman Island - House Reef ◊ Tom Yam ◊ Marine Park ◊ Pirate Reef ◊ Pirate Wreck ◊ North Point ◊ Sawadee ◊ Tomok
Renggis Island - Rengis Island Reef ◊ Renggis Wreck ◊ Hidden Reef
Soyak Island - Soyak Wreck ◊ Soyak Island Reef


House Reef

Depth: 2-10 m; travel time: 1 minute!

In the sheltered waters off Tekek Beach, the house reef is an ideal training ground. The calm shallow water, combined with a variety of corals on the reef in slightly deeper water, serve to give students an exciting introduction to the underwater world. Boulder, staghorn and brain corals, colourful tropical fish and our very own school of small yellow tail barracuda combine to make this a great introduction to diving. Also used for night dives.

Tom Yam Wreck

Depth: 18m; travel time: 3 minutes

A little further from the beach is our closest wreck, the "Tom Yam". Settled on a sandy bottom, the wreck is dotted with soft corals. Barracuda and reef fish call it home.

Marine Park

Depth: 8-25m; travel time: less than 10 minutes

Not one, not three but twelve wrecks of old fishing boats make up this trail. That's too many to do in one dive! Between 14 - 20m there are a good selection to make up a good dive with ropes in between making navigation easy. Sitting on sand with little surrounding reef, these wrecks have become home for a big range of fish from blubber lip sweetlips, barracuda and cobia to black spotted tuskfish. Another exciting part of this dive is finishing underneath the Marine Parks jetty where there are several artificial reefs and we can expect to find lots of rabbitfish and damselfish waiting for you.

Pirate Reef

Depth: 4-14 m; travel time: 5 minutes

Teeming with juvenile and adult reef fish, Pirate Reef is (together with Renggis Island) one of two main breeding sites at Tioman. Hatching season in March-May sees huge numbers of tiny fish on the reef, with numbers hardly seeming to decrease over the year! Pirate Reef is a submerged reef located just 5 minutes from the dive centre, this dive site is ideal for an easy, enjoyable dive. The reef of hard coral sits between 5 and 14 m with many outcroppings, boosted by the DHL sponsored artificial reefs. These reefs make ideal hiding places for blue spotted ribbon tail rays, damselfish and clownfish in anemones.

Pirate Wreck

Depth: 18 m; travel time: 5 minutes

In addition to the shallower Reef, there is a wreck of an old Thai fishing boat at a depth of 18-23m covered in soft corals where you can sometimes find such marine life as large puffer fish, schooling snapper and fusiliers, flatheads, scorpionfish, shrimp, and if you're lucky, maybe even a marbled stingray.

North Point

Depth: 5 - 20m; travel time: 10 - 15 minutes

A lovely, if sometimes strong drift dive along the main island of Tioman, this site is great for spotting things that we don't often find at other sites. The topography ranges from lots of coral bommies gently sloping down to a depth of around 18m to a garden of whip corals to impressive granite boulders covered in hard and soft corals. Among these we find so much interesting marine life such as lion fish, titan and orange striped triggerfish, surgeonfish and even the occasional lobster or group of bump head parrotfish.


Depth: 30 m; travel time: less than 10 minutes

This site consists of two former Thai fishing boats and a decommissioned marine police patrol vessel, The KM Sipadan, lying in a maximum depth of 30m. They lie along side of each other and are connected by ropes making it easy to navigate between them. Since the KM Sipadan was purposefully sunk by the Marine Parks in 2012 these wrecks have attracted a huge amount of juvenile fish such as barracuda, pony fish, trevally and fusiliers meaning this site is teeming with life. There are also plenty of nudibranchs, groupers and even the occasional lionfish.


Depth: 5 - 20m; travel time: less than 10 minutes

While occasionally a current can make this dive something of a challenge, the results are worth it. Nooks and crannies around boulders and a large soft coral patch can make this site a macro-lover's paradise! Lots of varieties of nudibranchs are found in this patch in front of the island between 10-16m if you have the patience to look for them! Not only that but African pompano, great barracuda, sailfin snapper and the elusive octopus have all put in an appearance at this site.

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Renggis Island Reef

Depth: 6-14 m; travel time: less than 10 minutes

Only a short distance from the dive centre this beautiful island is one of our most visited, as well as favourite, dive sites. Comprised of hard corals that start just below the surface and slope gently down to 12m this site is great for all levels of divers from beginner through to experienced. There are several artificial reef structures that add points of interest to this dive and offer shelter for goatfish, porcupine fish and cuttlefish. The reef itself is the main attraction however, being one of the best sites to spot hawksbill and green turtles and black tip reef sharks as well as a host of other fish. A dive at Renggis Island is like swimming through an aquarium! Watch out for the cleaner wrasse though, they do like to get up close and personal!

Renggis Wreck

Depth: 20 m; travel time: less than 10 minutes

A short swim from the island itself lies another Tioman wreck. The wreck has colourful soft corals and small barracuda are often sighted. A moray eel lives in the wreck. This site is usually combined with a dive to Renggis island or Hidden Reef.

Hidden Reef

Depth: 10-12 m; travel time: less than 10 minutes

Accessible only from the wreck at Renggis (with the right compass bearing!), this little visited site is covered in hard corals, including blue corals and pavona cactus. Many varieties of tropical reef fish abound at the reef.

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Soyak Wrecks

Depth: 20-26 m; travel time: 10 minutes

If you enjoy wreck diving then the two Thai fishing boats lying between 22 and 30 metres are the perfect dives for you. They are densely covered with pink and red soft corals and are home to grouper, schooling batfish, trevallies, barracudas, fusiliers, stonefish, cobias, nudibranchs and more.

Soyak Island Reef

Depth: 5-15 m; travel time: 10 minutes

Just off Salang Village lies the small, picturesque island Soyak. The reef formation consists of large granite boulders, which are covered with soft corals, fire corals, sea whips, turret (cup) corals, anemones and a large variety of hard corals. With a maximum depth of 16 meters and an average depth of 12 meters, Soyak is one of our preferred sites for a second or third dive of the day. The resident marine life you can find here include hawksbill turtles, blue ring angelfish, batfish, emperors, titan triggerfish, butterfly fish, blue spotted stingrays, yellow striped snappers, moray eels, yellowtail fusiliers, yellowtail barracudas, zebra lion fish and lots of nudibranchs.


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